Our Curriculum

Development Matters

We use the early year’s foundation stage to actively reference and encourage children to explore the natural world around them. We pay close attention to children’s emotional and mental well-being. We provide rich and stimulating activities that extend to their individual interests. Children learn best through quality play; we encourage children to lead their own learning. We take note of each child’s cultural capital and extend, develop, and embed, existing knowledge. Using the development matters supports us to create strong, resilient children that are confident in taking their next steps in life.

Key Persons System

It’s important to us at Little Walkers that all children feel listened to, safe, and are continuously thriving. We do this through our key person system. We build daily on creating safe, strong, and secure relationships. We work closely with individual children, using skilled teaching techniques, modeling language, and providing activities to help children meet developmental targets. By building strong relationships we are continuously building children’s confidence to explore new and exciting opportunities. Our staff are committed to building friendships and widening social opportunities between children. This helps build on their cultural capital and cultural awareness.

Parent Partnership

Parents play a crucial part in their children’s development. As key people, we provide plenty of opportunities for parents to work alongside us. We encourage home learning through suggested activities in our newsletters, our home learning activity hub, and our book library. Parents are actively involved with our development app, ParentZone. We share information regarding children’s progress and the next steps in their development. Parents are invited along to parent’s evenings and open days. This partnership supports children to develop to their full potential. Not only at nursery, but also at home. 

Environment & Resources

We provide quality environments that are age-appropriate and offer rich spaces for opportunities to explore. Children are encouraged to investigate, test new ideas, and gather clarity around their thinking. Children can investigate open-ended activities as well as move freely through our continuous provision. This allows them to make choices, test new ideas, and create their own nursery journal. We welcome children’s ideas through our British Values, celebrating the children’s voices and achievements. We listen and follow their direction, respecting choices, and each other. Children can explore a literacy-rich space that builds on key vocabulary and vital communication skills.

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