Parent Zone

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When your child’s at nursery, they spend all day learning, exploring and experimenting, whether they’re trying new foods or taking their first steps, with the ParentZone smartphone app, you won’t miss a single moment.

Throughout the day, your Key Person will observe and record your child’s progress in their very own ParentZone Learning Journal. An update might include pictures or videos of them doing something fun, or notes keeping you up to date on daily activities. Each Learning Journal entry also keeps track of all the basics, from nap times and nappy changes to what your child ate for lunch.

However, they spend the day, all of your child’s experiences will be recorded on ParentZone. You can access their Learning Journal anywhere, anytime. Plus, you can post your own comments and observations from home. Making it a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your Key Person, swap ideas, or share something the nursery might need to know. After all, no one knows your child better than you. The app has been developed with ease of use in mind, but this booklet should help to answer any questions you may have.

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